Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Strengthen Your Back Muscles

People often overlook working on their posterior (back) muscles when doing strength training, and focus only on looking good from the front.  But there are several good reasons for you to pay attention to your back muscles as well. Here’s why:

Burn more calories:
as you know, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn. Posterior muscles are a big part of your body, and by building them, you will create twice as much calorie-burning mass, than if you only focused on your front. 

Look leaner:
many women tend to think that building shoulder and back muscles is not necessary, as it will make them look too muscular and bulky.  In reality, if you take the time to work out those muscle groups, you will look leaner overall, as muscle takes up less space than fat. Plus, a nicely sculpted back and shoulders look very sexy and still feminine. 

Prevent injuries:
if you only focus on building muscles on the front of your body, and neglect the posterior ones, you are more likely to suffer injuries, such as pulled muscles or joint pain. Strong muscles support joints and if you’ve built them all over the body, your joints will be less likely to get injured. Also, strengthening your back muscles will lead to better posture.

Have better symmetry:
Building both your front and back muscles will give your body a more symmetrical and well-proportionate appearance. For example, building your calf muscles will create the illusion of thinner thighs, as the legs will be more balanced.
 Examples of Posterior Muscles Exercises

Latissimus dorsi (Lats/upper back)  

Lumbar (Lower back)

Triceps (Back of arms)


Gluteus (Buttocks)

Femoral (Hamstrings)


Calves (Ankles)